Mexico’s city of Toluca seized its time with Marco Tellez before the Canadian hub of Toronto wanted a piece of the talent as well—making him a household name. For this driven DJ and producer releasing on Tenampa Recordings and Thoughtless Music, it is the musical quest that holds a steady place in his heart. From the deep sounds to the tech house and progressive tips, Marco knows his beat and brings together prolific ideas.

Taking a myriad of inspiration along his musical journey, the sounds of the underground fused with Latin rhythms and culturally influential artists, have given light to Marco’s sound. Spending most of his time behind the DJ console, he unfolds his musical vision: loving a long set and giving the crowd an epic experience to remember for a lifetime ahead. An experimenter with the electronic pulse, Marco Tellez is known for developing his sets with heavy melodies and bass lines while embracing a host of atmospheric elements, galvanizing emotions at Parlour in Toronto and many more. Grasping the beauty of original music, Marco has it tapped out nicely.

As an avid producer, each day brings new musical discoveries enhancing his emotional relationship with the studio. Working closely with all elements, Marco’s expertise behind the synthesizers and the organic rhythms make the story come alive, as he shares his love of the musical realm. Through his vast display of creativity, it is without a doubt that the beckoning drive behind Marco Tellez is about the music and nothing less.